Alex Day’s Upcoming Single, “Lady Godiva”


After meeting with several record labels (including this interview), Alex Day has worked out an unprecedented distribution deal with Universal.

Unlike typical record deals, Alex will be distributing physical copies of his next single, “Lady Godiva,” through Universal while maintaining complete control of his music. Alex is also in control of manufacturing the single and choosing the cover art, below.

Alex Day - Lady Godiva

For this single, Universal get 15% of the sales, while Alex gets 85%. Not only is this deal unusual in its freedom, but it is also rather novel in the agreement to distribute a physical copy of a single in today’s market. Alex notes that some credit is due to the young son of Universal’s director of distribution – a fan of Chameleon Circuit who recommended the music to his father.

The song, “Lady Godiva,” is a different take on the 1966 song by Peter and Gordon – a bouncy, brassy tune with an innocence that doesn’t quite fit its subject matter, the resolute(-ly naked) Lady Godiva. Alex calls his “Lady Godiva” a “version” rather than a “cover” of the song, citing friend Michael Aranda for this idea. It is not an exact replica, but rather a different interpretation of the song. Alex’s “Lady Godiva,” with its low synth backdrop and gutsier vocals, is more of a celebration of the Lady herself. The single will be released on April 1st.

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