Alan Menken Hints at Galavant Stage Production Post-Cancellation


ABC’s most recent wave of cancellations included several fan favorites like Agent Carter, Castle, and Galavant, but it turns out we may not have seen the last of the best medieval musical comedy on network TV.

Galavant‘s second season this year was a wonderful surprise for the die hard fans, production team, and cast alike, for whom this show has been a massive labor of love since the start. Even the season two opening song played into the happy surprise calling it, “This season’s least expected big event” and imploring the viewers to, “Give into the miracle that no one thought we’d get.”

Ahead of ABC’s renewal/cancellation decisions fans lead the charge on a campaign for season three with some of those involved in the show supporting the efforts. Sadly, it wasn’t to be.

After the sad news came series composer Alan Menken delivered his thanks and offered a glimpse of hope that we haven’t seen the last of Galavant, Isabella, Sid, Richard, Chef, and the rest.

Along with lyricist Glenn Slater, Menken filled the show’s two seasons with a witty, catchy soundtrack that would be right at home onstage. There’s no word yet on if any of the series’ cast would be involved in the project but with the show’s critical acclaim and the talent of Menken (and presumably Slater) onboard, a theatrical musical comedy sounds like our next best chance for more Galavant.

Just imagine the big opening number live on stage.