AFC Wimbledon Uniforms to Bear Nerdfighter Logo


In the latest Vlogbrothers video, John Green discussed the future of Nerdfighteria, announcing that Nerdfighteria’s sponsorship of AFC Wimbledon will be represented on the team’s jerseys.

Nerdfighteria’s connection to Wimbledon started with the Hankgames channel, where John posts “let’s play”-style videos of him playing the FIFA video game. While his original team was the Swindon Town Swoodilypoopers (featuring such legendary players as Bald John Green and Other John Green), John’s ultimate dethroning as their manager led to a shift in his direction.

Last November, John announced that Nerdfighteria would sponsor AFC Wimbledon, citing its independent and liberal nature as a great match for the community and its underdog narrative as a reason to extend support. From then on, John would play FIFA as manager of AFC Wimbledon, and all ad proceeds would go towards the real life team.

The latest development in Nerdfighteria’s partnership with AFC Wimbledon is perhaps the most exciting yet: due to increased sponsorship, a nerdfighter-created logo will be featured on the team’s IRL and video game shorts. This is a landmark in Nerdfighteria’s IRL visibility, and only one of the many ways the community is expanding and progressing.

  • QED42

    This is really big news! I hope it brings more people to the Wimbly Wombly fandom.