Adele’s “Someone Like You” Video: A Long Shot of Heartache


It’s after 1 a.m. here in England but it’s impossible to sleep when there’s new Adele on the Interwebs, specifically a new Adele video of the most gutwrenching song in her catalogue, “Someone Like You.” This is the song that jumpstarted her star when she sang it on the Brit Awards, and much to her and her team’s credit, this video has captured why.

On that show, she simply sang. Stood still, center stage, and sang, and let the song and her voice do the acting, the pyrotechnics, the dancing, all the hullaballoo usually attendant in today’s music scene. It made every shiny-pants-wearing, shimmying-glittery-faux-barbie-in-a-string-bikini-pop-star look like a ludicrous diletante.

That fantastic simplicity has been retained in this video. Black and white. Adele walking in Paris. A full three minutes and fifty-five seconds before a single cut. That’s not a gimmick: that’s a long, slow pull on the heartstrings, just like that song. The song is enough, the story is simple, the story is clear, and so is this video. It takes a lot of bravery to trust a simple narrative these days. Bravo.

(PS Also, can we just all appreciate how freaking gorgeous she looks here? Yes? OK.)

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  • mlwl

    God, that is just gorgeous.

  • Melissa

    ISNT IT? Also, she looks really thin? That’s not a good or bad, that’s just an observation. I thought it was the coat but her face looks thin too. I love her no matter WHAT she looks like.

  • Ravenclaw98

    This is just so heart wrenchingly beatiful. I wnat to watch it over and over again even though it makes you sad.

  • Melissa

    Yeah. Also, I realize a ton of crap has happeend between the last video and this one, and she is A BIG AMAZING STAR WITH LOTS OF MONEY AND POSSIBLITY now? And she still has the cojones to do this super, uber simple video. Because she is putting the video first. God I love that.

  • jlmac

    Amazing. I love what you wrote about her making the other popstars look ludicrous. She made a comment in one of her interviews that she loves Lady Gaga and Katy Perry and their music for the eyes but she will always make music for the ears. This is my favorite song on the album. It absolutely resonates in my soul!

  • maxpower666

    Beautiful. There’s a reason her album has been at the top of the charts for so long. Her voice is so unique and powerful, she doesn’t need a lot of production or enhancement.

  • Anonymous

    testing the disqus :)

  • Melissa Anelli


  • ginnylove101

    hmmmm well her voice is stunning and i own her album but even though she is amazing the video was (dare i say it?) i bit on the boring side:)! lover her anyway though!

  • Jen

    Love her song and decided to cover it! :)