ABC Dishes on Fate of Marvel’s Most Wanted, Future Marvel TV Shows


Remember when ABC cancelled Agent Carter and put the kibosh on Marvel’s Most Wanted, the Bobbi/Lance-fronted Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. spinoff? We do. However, at the Television Critics Association press tour yesterday, network president Channing Dungey not only elaborated on these decisions, but also hinted at broader things to come.

Via IGNDungey stated that for Marvel’s Most Wanted, the show  ”did not feel as strong as some of the other pilots we shot.” Interestingly (via SlashFilm), Dungey mentioned that she would “never underestimate Marvel’s ability to bring people back” when asked about the pair’s return  to S.H.I.E.L.D.. Furthermore, she suggested that Most Wanted‘s fate is not as sealed in stone as previously thought:

It was a joint partnership between Marvel and ABC Studios. We certainly are open if they were to find another home for it to have that happen.

And as for other shows? Thankfully, out of the ashes comes new life. Following the series’ failure to secure a pickup, both ABC and Marvel agreed to focus on new projects. “Since I’ve been in this role we’ve been in a number of really terrific conversations with the Marvel team,” the president noted, adding that discussions would officially begin in two weeks.

Dungey remained tight-lipped as to whether these new projects included Damage Control, the live-action comedy ABC has been interested in involving a construction company tasked with dealing with the aftermath of superhero brawls. She said the studio was looking at “a number of different things”, ranging from projects already in the works to completely fresh ideas.

So although we don’t have any details for now, this is certainly an optimistic sign for new content on the horizon.