A Week in (Awesome) YouTube Covers


Covers are the best thing about YouTube.

Okay. Scratch that. There are many things that qualify as the Best Thing About YouTube, but it has been a great week for covers. Here are four of the best ones to hit our subscription feeds:

A Permanent Hug From You from Tessa Violet w/ Doodie Clark

Is it still a cover when the original artist is in the video? Sure, why not.

This song is like sunshine.

Let It Go (Frozen Pop-Punk Cover) from Andrew Whipple

Here are two things that never get old: 1) Let It Go covers and 2) pop-punk. Don’t listen to anybody who says otherwise.

Andrew – who you might know from LeakyCon Portland’s LeakyStars contest, since his Lizzie Bennet Diaries-inspired song kicked so much ass – brings both those things together in this video.

Bonus: another one of Andrew’s recent covers is of Boom Clap by Charli XCX, which you’ll recognize from the The Fault in Our Stars soundtrack. And it’s great.

Madness (Muse Cover) from Rae Sterling

Every single one of Rae’s covers is a gift. They’re consistently powerful, interesting takes on already wonderful songs. Her newest is no exception. Everything about this upload is on-point, right down to Rae’s eyeliner.

Bye Bye Bye (NSYNC cover) from Our Last Night

NSYNC is 1) timeless and 2) a hard act to follow. This post-hardcore cover from Our Last Night, though, manages to put an original twist on an absolute classic. We’re impressed.