A Live-Action Where’s Waldo Movie Is In the Works


Just when we think our childhoods have already been thoroughly mined for this sort of thing, Hollywood’s love affair with nostalgia continues with the latest news on the development of a live-action film based on the Where’s Waldo? picture books.

The effectively plotless, elaborately illustrated book series adaptation may be produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s Point Grey, the team behind Neighbors, The Interview, 50/50, This Is the End, and The Night Before. Kyle Hunter and Ariel Shaffir, who wrote The Night Before, would pen the screenplay.

The rights to the books, first created by English illustrator Martin Handford in 1987 as Where’s Wally? (his name was changed to Waldo for American audiences), are owned by Classic Media, currently a part of Dreamworks Animation. Dreamworks will work with MGM, who has brought in Rogen and Goldberg for talks, on the project.

We’re not sure what a plot for a Where’s Waldo? movie would entail. Considering how the basic story of countless films involves looking for someone who can’t be found, it would have to be a unique enough concept in order to work. Maybe time travel? Teleportation? As long as he doesn’t lose his signature wardrobe.

The project has had many false starts over the past five years, but this seems to be the most promising development as far as a green light forward on the production. That’s not to say we think this movie is a good idea, but this is the team that made This Is the End not only work, but developed it into a solid and deeply funny movie. So, short of The Lego Movie‘s Lord and Miller team, Rogen and Goldberg seem like the second best options – if this movie has to be made at all.