A Goodbye to Classic Alice

In the beginning there was an idea, an idea for a web series that would take things beyond what we usually see on YouTube. Classic Alice has pushed the envelope of transmedia to a level that we haven’t seen in any other web series so far. Beyond the usual Twitter accounts for the show’s characters, the show engages fans not just on different social media platforms, but also, for example, through diary entries, which are either sent in electronic form or as physical letters to fans who choose to sign up.

These diary entries have helped expand Classic Alice far beyond what even the creators expected, allowing fans a glimpse into the mind of their favorite characters and, through the use of perfume, adding yet another sense to the transmedia project. Hackett talked about this in our last interview, stating that after doing sound with podcasts, sight with the videos, and taste with Cara Graves’ cookbook, scent and touch remained as the two senses yet to be explored. The physical letters have now covered this ground as well. According to Hackett, the diaries “all form a complete ‘book’ or narrative once they’re all said and done.”

They will also be part of the upcoming app, which will be released this winter and will make it possible for the entire story to be ready at the tap of a finger, bringing together all the different platforms to allow full emersion into the story. The app will also include the possibility of social sharing of all the chapters and provide behind-the-scenes content, special features, and a timeline navigation system. So even when Classic Alice ends, you will be able to enjoy the show long after the last video is uploaded to YouTube! Exciting times are ahead with the app, if Kate Hackett’s reaction is anything to go by:

I can’t WAIT to see fans’ reactions to this. It’s amazing. It’s better than whatever you’re expecting and it’s going to be jam packed with everything — MORE than everything because I’m editing bloopers and features that you’ve never seen before. We’ll have so much and it’s a much more complete viewing of the show. Odds are, you missed something and it’s not archived properly (it’s a tough job to remember everything we did and upload it timely-ly): not with the app.

You’ll get alerts when we update – which means that, hey, maybe there could be a few new things to see in the future? I mean, nothing’s set in stone! So far, our biggest struggle has been waiting for Apple to approve – but that just came through so we should be up and running pretty soon! I’d stay tuned for a release date very soon.

Classic Alice’s second season was funded through a crowdsourcing campaign that allowed the show to produce another 60+ episodes, alter its style from video blogs to a more documentary feel, and expand the filming locations to more than just a shared apartment for the main characters, including outside shoots and even a fancy family estate. Even though it has become a popular tool for financing projects, crowdsourcing can be a challenge. As Kate Hackett told us, “Nobody likes crowdfunding, and it was really tough to keep energy up day after day.” She continued, “We love and appreciate the opportunities they gave us, but make no mistake: it is an uphill battle and we worked our butts off to get those opportunities! IndieGoGo offered a ton of personal support and really loved our campaign, so that helped too!” It all worked out in the end, and the Classic Alice IndieGoGo campaign managed to raise almost $60,000, allowing us to live in the Valeton Universe for a little while longer.

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