A Call to Action: Why American Sherlock Fans Need to Tune In

Managing Editor

Any good Sherlock fan with a decent internet connection has already streamed season 3.

We’ve all seen each episode multiple times, can already quote our favorite bits from top to bottom, and have bookmarked our favorite theories on Tumblr for later debunking.

However, tonight is the American premiere of Sherlock on PBS – and while we may have already watched the detective and his blogger until saturation, it’s important to remember to tune in tonight.

Sherlock is a joint production between WGBH (PBS’ Boston affiliate), BBC Wales, and Hartswood Films. Which means it’s partly our baby (if only in a small monetary sense), so we should support it in every way we can.

PBS isn’t supported by advertisements or cable fees – it’s supported by a very very small amount of our tax dollars and, as we are reminded every time we turn on the channel, by Viewers Like You.

Like us.

The least we can do, in this age of instant gratification, is tune in and give PBS and Sherlock the support it deserves.

Also, season 3 is good. Ridiculously good. I mean, c’mon, I know you’ve already seen it; you don’t need my proselytizing to convince you.

Who knows? If the ratings are good enough, maybe by season 4 we’ll get the same day broadcasts we so desperately crave.

Sherlock premieres tonight at 9:58 EST on PBS with “The Empty Hearse.”

LeakyNews has editors from all over the world. One of our British compatriots recapped season 3 already so check that out here, here, or here. Spoilers are abundant, so you’ve been warned.

  • Flitzy

    I watched it when it first came on but I also couldn’t wait for the US premiere because I just KNOW I’ll miss something since I was flailing uncontrollably when it finally came back the first time. :)

    I do kind of wish it was on BBC America so that we can have some of the same day stuff like we get with Doctor Who but I do also love the commercial free aspect of it on PBS, too and I always feel torn between my love of PBS and my love of BBCA.