7.5 Reasons You Should Register for GISHWHES This Year


Registration for GISHWHES 2015 is now open! After a flurry of activity, including a barrage of my fellow gishers crushing GeekyNews with love (twice!) last week, the website has been given a snazzy makeover, plenty of updates, and registration has begun for this year’s hunt.

Gishwhes* (not a typo; see very important note at the end of the article!), or the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen, is a worldwide event in its fifth year set to take place this August for a week of mayhem, creativity, and leaving normalcy for much greener (or pinker, or purple-r) pastures.

While the Dinomite has been busy learning how to internet and starting up a Gifwhes warm-up competition on Tumblr, we compiled a list of 7.5 reasons that registering for gishwhes is the best decision you’ll make all year. (At least until you order lunch at that place you like next Tuesday. You know the one.)

Reason #1: Friendships, old and new.
Teams can be created in countless ways. Form a team with friends around the world or join as an individual. The Gishbot will work his fancy science to combine and create teams of exactly 15 gishers. Boom, instant new friends. Some teams recruit online months in advance if that’s your thing, and there are even a few famous gishers who’ve played on teams alongside us in previous years, like William Shatner, Orlando Jones, and Osric Chau. Even if your team is 100% people you already know, you just might discover new things about each other. Plus, you’ll be amazed at how much family, friends, coworkers, and total strangers will want to help you out!

Reason #2: Make art.
Gishwhes is about making art in unexpected ways in unexpected places. Past items have including everything from Skittles-only portraits of Jensen Ackles (you want to watch Jensen tell the story of how he learned about that), composing odes to turn your unsung heroes into sung heroes, dressing up your car as your prom date, or creating a “novel life form.” (For that last one, I made a Flying Spaghetti Monster out of a book by L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology.)

You’ll need to get creative to figure out how to provide evidence that unicorns fart rainbows or prove that you are what you eat. Also, it’s pretty much a given that you’ll be asked to make something out of kale (previously: chandeliers, the Iron Throne, bear and dragon clothes) and something out of feminine hygiene products (previously: safari animals, angels).

Reason #3: Challenge your fears.
With so many items, there’s a place for everyone’s comfort level in gishwhes. As an introvert and going-on three-time gisher, I can personally attest to amazing myself with my bravery in the face of new experiences every year, even though they scared me a little bit (or a lot) at first. If you’re looking to take on a challenge, past items include everything from public speaking to skydiving to jogging on the street wearing pumpkin shoes, and everything in between. You might just find yourself doing things you never thought possible.

Reason #4: It’s the most fun you’ll have all year.
Time and again, you’ll hear past gishers describe the hunt as life changing, and it’s definitely record breaking, with five Guinness World Records under its (probably sock monkey patterned) belt. Fun is built into the DNA of gishwhes and passed down through each new hybrid animal mascot. Whether you’re a serious competitor in it to win, or just looking for a week of silliness, you’re guaranteed to have a great time.

Still not convinced? Head to the next page for more. (Convinced? Keep reading anyway. Gishers never give up in the middle.)