24th Bond Film Set for Fall 2015 Release, Sam Mendes Returns


It’s been 51 years since Sean Connery first graced the silver screen as the now legendary character, James Bond. The quintessential debonair gentleman is still ordering his martini shaken, not stirred, and will be gracefully crashing into theaters once again in the fall of 2015.

The official release dates for both the US and UK were announced today, as was the return of director Sam Mendes, who had previously stated he would not be returning to the franchise due to “other commitments.” Given the success of the 50th anniversary film, Skyfall, which raked in a whopping $1.1 billion dollars (the highest grossing film in Britain to date), we’re sure producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli are pleased to welcome Mendes back. The screenplay will be written by John Logan, who also worked on Skyfall. Daniel Craig will return for his fourth installment as James Bond, and although no other cast members have been confirmed, rumors suggest that Andrée Bernard is the next Bond girl.

Bond 24, the current official name for the next Bond project, will release on October 23rd, 2015 for UK fans. US fans will have to wait a painful two weeks for their release date, November 6th, 2015. With the practically guaranteed delivery of spoilers to all platforms of social media, many American Bond fans may have to fall off the grid in order to make it to November spoiler-free.

While Skyfall brought major box office success to the Bond franchise, it also delivered a few bombshells that will greatly affect the direction of Bond 24. The magnificent Dame Judi Dench ended her stint as the sassy and classically determined M, head of MI6. The role was seamlessly transferred to Ralph Fiennes in the final moments of Skyfall. Dench was only the third actor to assume the role on screen, and the only woman to have done so. Her tenure as the often exasperated leader of all MI6 agents lasted an amazing seventeen years and included seven Bond films. Fiennes seems like an ingenious choice for the role, and we at Leaky News are eager to see his portrayal of the classic character.

And what about Skyfall‘s rather unorthodox central plot point? With a good portion of the film centered around Bond’s childhood, something so personal for the typically mysterious character, are we seeing a new trend in Bond films? Will Bond 24 take us even further into the historically closed psyche of our favorite British do-gooder? And with his age recently highlighted as a new limitation on his otherwise endless skillset, will the 51st year continue to show an aging Bond?

Let the speculation begin.

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Edited by: Cameron Brown